Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ame & Lulu: A Hole in One

I participated in an Influencer ActivationProgram on behalf of Influence Central for Ame & Lulu. I received product samples to facilitate my review.
Not a lot of people know, but I played golf for my school’s varsity team throughout high school.  To be honest, it’s probably one of the things I miss about school…besides wearing a uniform and being around all-girls 24/7…..oh wait (; ! But really, golf was..and still is a huge part of my life. When I’m home for break, I attempt to play with my family. 
Even though it’s only week 3 at SCAD, I’m already missing home terribly. I decided to see if my southern friends wanted to learn a bit about golf. We took a trip to one of the local courses in Savannah, and had so much fun. Even though the highlight of our trip was riding around the course in golf carts, we still had tons of fun, and I THINK I taught them the basics of my favorite sport.
When hitting the course, I’m always trying to find cute ways to store my golf balls, tees, etc. Since golf is predominantly a male driven (pun intended) sport, it can be very hard to find girlie golf accessories. When I heard about Ame & Lulu, I was so excited, and kinda disappointed I didn't know about them in high school. 
Ame & Lulu was kind enough to send me their Easy Tote, Essentials Insert, and Key Pouch.The Easy Tote is perfect for my bigger golf items including my golf shoes, change of clothes, and my everyday essentials. I found the Essentials Insert to be the perfect pouch for my golf balls; so I did not have to dig through my golf-club bag. The Key Pouch was a great storage space for my golf-tees, extra cash, and ID.
The one thing I love most about these products is the versatility. Besides using these three items on the course, I can use them in my everyday activities including going to class, shopping around downtown, and going to the beach.

Want to buy your own Ame & Lulu? The shop is graciously giving my readers 25% off their orders with the code love25
Special shout out to Ally Hunt Photography for the lovely photos. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Demi Lovato//Maryland Fashionista 410

Week 2 of classes are already underway. I’m so glad I've finally re-moved back into my apartment for the year.

One of my last “hurrahs” of my summer back in Baltimore was being contacted by Tampax to be their official “onsite blogger correspondent” for the Demi Lovato Concert in Downtown Baltimore. First of all, I think I read the email about 10 times before I realized I was not dreaming. Being ASKED to meet Demi Lovato, and get to see her concert? I am still in a state of shock. But enough about that…let’s talk about the actual day of the concert.

I was allowed to bring a +1, so I obviously asked my little sister to join me for the amazing experience. When we first arrived, we were automatically taken back to meet Demi herself. Though 200 other fans were waiting for their chance to meet Demi, we were automatically taken back first. Demi stopped to compliment both Gabriella and my outfits. We then posed for a picture. Gab leaned in to hug Demi, and I thought her bodyguards were going to hop on Gabriella.

After our adventure backstage, we then toured Demi’s closet set up at the Tampax booth. We got to see outfits worn on the red carpet INCLUDING her notable VMA red dress. Spending time in the photo booth, and talking to the Tampax girls, we finally went to our seats….which were incredible.

MKTO and Christina Perri were her opening acts, and they put on a remarkable show. Both pretty well-known, and I was surprised they were considered opening-act material. However, I’m not complaining since I love them both.

Finally Demi hit the stage. To sum it up, she put on a spectacular show. With many wardrobe changes, this fashionable gal did not disappoint. I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to attend the show.

Wanna have the chance to attend the Demi Lovato Concert in NY? Show me how you “stay radiant” by using the hashtag #BeRadiantSweeps through October 10 to win a trip to Meet and see Demi live in concert. Also follow Tampax on instagram to stay up-to-date on Demi's tour.  Good luck! 

Tampax provided me with tickets to the show, meet and greet, and complementary items. Blog post is based on my own opinion and thoughts. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

One Direction Beauty Collection

With summer coming to an end (this is my last day of summer vacay) I've been squeezing in as much activities as possible. Over the next week, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite adventures from the summer.

While sitting poolside today, I was reflecting on some of my favorite makeup essentials for the season. Shimmer eye shadow, bright lipstick, and mascara were a must. Buying makeup can get very pricey. When I was contacted to write about one of my fav boy band’s new makeup line, I was ecstatic .My debit card was even more excited to learn the price.  

One Direction has released makeup kits perfect for makeup enthusiasts, as well as first-timers. The kits include an eye shadow pallet, shadow stick, lip gloss, lipstick, nail polish, and mascara. At first, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but the products are AMAZING. I like the shadows and mascara just as much as my high-end items. And for under $30, everyone should buy this. The kits are being sold exclusively at Macy’s.

To learn all about the new collection, visit

Makeup c/o One Direction. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

6 Bags to Buy this Fall

Although most of my friends from Maryland start Fall Semester this week, I have 3 weeks left of summer break. I like to call this time of the year my “crunch time”. Crunch time includes trips to NY for Fashion Week (which I will be attending/working AGAIN this year), packing for school, and purchasing Fall essentials.

If you know me personally, you know I have an obsession with handbags. It’s honestly what made me choose the fashion industry. And this season, I cannot get enough of the new styles/colors. Take a look at my favorites for this season.

(From Left to Right)

I know, I know. Some of the bags above are very pricey (what can I say? I have expensive taste). If you are on a tight budget this season, take a look at these similar bags. And the best part? They are ALL under $50. 

(From Left to Right)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh Shift!

Every Fashionista/Fashionisto has their go-to designer. This designer inspires their everyday outfits, style, and anything fashion related. If you know me, I can guarantee you already know “my designer”. Lilly Pulitzer has been my inspiration for years.  Besides being drawn to the preppy colors and prints, I love her entire life story/philosophy.
example of lilly print
If you don’t know anything about LP, I'll sum up her story. Lilly eloped with Peter Pulitzer (heir to the Pulitzer Prize). One day, they decided to leave their NY social lives behind and move to West Palm Beach to open a juice stand. To hide her juice stains, she had a sleeveless dress made out of colorful cotton. Customers begged Lilly to start selling dresses like the ones she wore to work, thus starting a phenomenon. Today Lilly Pulitzer sells everything from her iconic shift dresses to bedding.
Lilly and Peter Pulitzer with new fabrics
Everyone associates me with Lilly Pulitzer. This meaning, anytime my friends see something Lilly-related, I get a text/email usually starting off with, “I saw this Lilly____, and it totally reminded me of you”. My friends even blame me for their obsession with the “queen of prints”. Since high school, my dream has been to eventually work for Lilly Pulitzer as a Merchandiser or a Print Designer.
Me anytime new Lilly comes out
This all being said, yesterday made me question everything listed above.

As a true Lilly fan, I have found “my print”. I have been obsessed with “Tusk In Sun” since I purchased my first Cassie dress in the print October 2012. Since then, the brand has come out with 5 color variations of the print (and trust me, I own almost all of them). So when I heard they were coming out with the Elsa in a color variation of pink green and navy, I could not contain my excitement. I called my local store ahead of time to hold this blouse (because I knew it would sell out quickly). Since the blouse was not released until August 7th, I had to wait to pick it up then.
As I walked into the Lilly Pulitzer in Towson Town Center, I was greeted by eye-rolling sales associates. I went up to the desk to ask for my item, the woman asked for my name (like any worker would do) I said my name, and also stated the item name and size. “Britney” looked at me and said, “oh sorry, that item is actually on hold for another customer. And we don’t have any left in “that size” as she scanned my body up and down. A rush of emotions ran all through my body. I was sad, angry, and embarrassed. I tried telling her I called, and had this put on hold, but she dismissed me, and continued to play on the computer. I left the store so I could collect my thoughts, and also wait for my mom since she was the one who actually called and put the blouse on hold.

I returned to the store with my Mom and things did not get any better. Another sales associate named Ashley appeared, and said she recalled speaking to my mother, but could do nothing about it. We stood there still trying to understand how the blouse was not mine since we called ahead to put it on hold. Ashley rolled her eyes (again) and offered to overnight the blouse free of charge. In reality, I would have probably done that, but I was going away the next morning with friends, and really wanted to take my blouse with me. I looked at my mom and said, “forget it, I would rather order it online and not give this store business”. Ashley then threw her hands up in the air, moaned and yelled, “UGH, I GUESS I’LL GIVE YOU THE BLOUSE, AND OVERNIGHT ANOTHER ONE TO THE OTHER CUSTOMER”. If this print and brand was not so important to me, I would have just left. However I purchased the blouse, but verbally swore I would never shop in that location again.

My intention is not to bash Lilly Pulitzer AT ALL. However, I am very disappointed with the Towson Town location. I have been to Lilly stores in NYC, King of Prussia, and Savannah and I could not have been more pleased with their customer service. I talked to some other local Lilly Lovers, and they also were not thrilled with the Towson location. One shopper who asked to remain anonymous said, “I feel like I’m being looked down upon every time I walk in there. The girls seem to turn up their nose at me, and never seem interested in making a sale. One time one even followed me around the store, without saying one word -like I was trying to steal something”.

My purpose of writing about my experience is to change the way this store treats others. As someone who has grown up loving the brand, I am highly disappointed of the negative reputation this one store could be making on the entire corporation. If Lilly were alive today, I do not think she would appreciate the Towson Store tarnishing her reputation the way they are. Lilly once said “Style isn't just about what you wear, it’s about how you live.” Although these girls are dressing fabulously, they are not living the true spirit of Lilly….because LP would never have wanted her customers to be treated poorly.