Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PINKtober Shopping Guide

Hey All! I'm trying to make my comeback into the blogging circa with a few short posts. A few days ago, I gave you a look at my top 3 favorite products to make your life feel like summer (even when it's 50 degrees outside) 

As many of you know, the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. In honor of that, many companies offer limited edition products/givebacks to charities which sponsor Breast Cancer awareness. Breast Cancer has always held a special place in my heart because many members of my family have battled this disease. In honor of them, I have decided to share  my favorite brands/companies offering special collections/offers for the month of October.

1. GLAMULET:  Glamulet Jewelry created a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. This collection includes charms, charm bracelets, as well as sets. 50% of each sale goes to a charity that supports awareness for the disease. To learn more about this campaign, CLICK HERE

2. About Faces Salon and Spa: If you're in the DMV area, About Faces is the salon to go to. During the month of October, they offer $10 pink hair extensions. All proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society. So you end up with a cute hair extension, $10 towards your next salon service, AND a $10 donation. What more could you want? I've heard of other locations offering this service, so check with your salon today! 

3. Estee Lauder: The Kendall Jenner approved makeup line is offering a trio of pink lipsticks, as well as a pink clutch, all for $25. Up to $500,000 worth of sales will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (sold exclusively in stores) 
4. Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren is offering a limited edition Pink Pony Candle. This fresh floral scent is only $45, and 10% of the proceeds benefit the Pink Pony Fund.

5. BeautyBlender: Every makeup guru is OBSESSED with the beautyblender. If you have yet to purchase this amazing product, now is the perfect time. In a limited edition duo set only costing $28, 50% of the proceeds will benefit Bright Pink. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

3 Essential Fall Products

The TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia perfectly describes my life in Savannah right now. No, not the actual content of the show, but the title. Though the Savannah temperatures are starting to finally feel like fall, one consistency is the big bright Georgia sun.

Though the weather is dropping into the low 60s (yes that's cold for Savannah), I'm still in the mindset of summer due to the year-round palm trees, sunshine, and the beach only being 30 minutes away.

Since I might look a bit ridiculous, strolling around town in my favorite sundresses,  I've decided to make summer last throughout my accessories, as well as color pallet. Here are my top three products to keep the season of summer alive (even in the fall/winter months).
1. Polette Eyewear Sunglasses: To keep the spirit of summer alive (and keep the sun out of my eyes), I've been wearing these sunglasses nonstop. These trendy frames are almost identical to some high-end designer products. The best part? Most are under $30. You couldn't ask for a better deal! Here's the link to a similar pair to the ones I own.

2. imPRESS Nails: Even in the coldest weather, I make sure my manicure is full of bright colors. With imPRESS, I'm able to create salon-quality nails at home in under 10 minutes. For under $10, I find that super impressive (especially since I never have time to go get my nails done anymore).

3. New York Color 24 hr Waterproof Eye shadow Stick: Even though it's meant for eyes, I have to admit, I've been using my shadow stick as a lip color. I mean, colorful lips are so "in" right now, and it gives you the opportunity to add a pop of color to your day. For around $3, you're sure to get a lot of use/compliments out of this product.

Monday, August 24, 2015

#MusicMonday: Alternative Press Music Awards

Remember how I said I was going to keep up with my blog this summer…..obviously that didn’t happen. I have officially completed my internship at Girls’ Life Magazine, which means I have about 4 weeks left of summer vacation; and more than enough time to blog.

During my internship (which I will be talking about more next week) I was given the opportunity to take a trip to Cleveland, Ohio to cover the Alternative Press Music Awards. Let’s just say I was more than excited to attend the event.

I grew up listening to Alternative music. Mainly because I fell in love with a local band (which is now world-wide sensation All Time Low) in my preteen years. The lineup for the award show was any pop/punk lover’s dream. Bands including Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Pierce The Veil, and my Baltimore boys All Time Low all performed, making it one of my favorite concerts.

Making the six hour+ trip alone, was going to be boring, so I invited the two biggest fans of pop/punk music: my mom and sister. My mother was always the “concert mom” in my younger years, making it fitting for her and I to attend an award show together. Gab was probably 6 years old when she attended her first All Time Low show….even though it took place in a church basement on Harford Rd.

When we first got to Cleveland, we rushed to get ready, so we could meet up with managers of the bands, and other press members at one of the hottest clubs in town. While we were there, we had no idea some of the bands would be stopping by as well. I ended up hanging with the guys from All Time Low and Panic! At The Disco that night, and told them how excited I was to get to interview them on the red carpet the following day.

The day of the award show, I received a call from one of my friends at Hopeless Records, inviting me, and “my people” to the after party. Who knew that this college student would be attending an award show AND after parties?!?!?

My First Red Carpet Apperance
Rian, Jack, Alex, and Zack from All Time Low

The red carpet was insane! I had a reporter from Fuse TV to the left of me, and Fox News to the right. We all bonded over the 100+ degree heat, and how killer our heels felt standing there. Some bands avoided all of the press. When All Time Low was making their way down the red carpet, their manager said they were only speaking to Alternative Press, until Alex Gaskarth stopped to say hi to me.

My Selfie with Alex and Rian from All Time Low

Alex and Rian hugged me, and asked if I wanted to interview them really quickly. Their manager (or someone important) was pulling them to leave, but Alex said “She’s from Baltimore, give us a second.” I told them how I had been listening to them forever. Rian asked, “How long is forever?” I then went on to explain that one of the first shows I saw them play was in a church basement on Harford rd. They were both shocked, and I pulled up photos from that show. I then asked them what would you say to a kid stuck in Baltimore or that basement, with dreams to become famous? Rian then wittily responded by asking, “You mean the basement on harford rd?” We all laughed, but Alex responded with, “we have been chasing our dream for a while. We could have never made it this far without our fans. But my main advice would be to keep chasing your dreams, never let someone shut them down.” I thanked the boys, and they told me to take a selfie with them, to document my first big interview. A few moments later, I walked into the Quicken Loans Arena to find my seat (and change my shoes).

After the show ended, my mom, sister, and I made our way to the House of Blues to the after party. We took some shots with unnamed band members, and danced for a bit, but headed back to our hotel to crash because it was such a long day.

By far, this is one of the coolest events I have been asked to cover. I want to personally thank Girls’ Life Magazine and Alternative Press Magazine for giving me the opportunity to attend the show, and continue my path of either working at a music or fashion magazine. You both rock!

Friday, July 3, 2015


Happy Friday! I wanted to test another series on my blog called #fashionflashbackfriday. #Fashionflashbackfriday will be all about a monumental trend from the past. Whether it was a red-carpet look or a trend that lasted a hot second, you’ll be guaranteed to have a laugh, and see how the look has evolved since.

Since it’s the day before 4th of July, I’m going to keep it a bit patriotic. What screams 'Merica more than denim? Am I right?

A few weeks ago, I went to my internship in a denim button-down and denim cutoffs. Even though it looked super cute, for some reason, everyone in the office decided to dress up (generally,office attire is cute-casual). I couldn’t help but feel out of place, and referred to myself as Britney/Justin circa the 2001 AMAs.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about…….
Did that refresh your memory? Back in 2001, even at the age of 8, I was flabbergasted by this outrageous appearance. I probably even fake gaged when it flashed across my tv screen. So who would have thought that the denim on denim look would actually be considered cute 14 years later?
No, I’m not saying to go out and buy a denim dress and a denim bag, or even a 3-piece denim tux (yes, it actually exists) but if done the right way (Miranda Kerr and Cameron Diaz are my denim on denim inspos) it can actually look adorable-especially when looking for a super casual look.
Have any #fashionflashbackfriday trend recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sunny Summertime

Though I love sunglasses, I have to say I treat them terribly. I tend to lose them, smash them in the bottom of my purse, and even drop them in the ocean.  Because of this, I tend to never buy nice sunglasses…..unless I have a gift card.  But since I live in the sunny south, I almost always need sunglasses. And let’s be real, your black round frames get a bit boring after wearing them 20 days in a row.

What if I told you I found one of the most unique frames on the market, which also float in water, AND are durable?? Think I’m lying? Trust me, I would have thought so too….until I found Westwood Sunglasses.

Westwood Sunglasses were founded in Ogden, Utah.What’s so special about these glasses? Each pair is handcrafted from high-quality natural woods or bamboo and features polarized lenses, flexible hinges, and they float. What more could a klutzy girl like me need?? Maybe a cute print? Currently, Westwood Sunglasses is fundraising on a gofundme page to bring us some really cute carved tribal printed glasses. Can’t wait for the new collection? Purchase a pair of classic frames HERE.

Know of any other durable sunglass brands? Sound off in the comments below!